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Thursday, June 22, 2017

By the Way-side

Just a couple more shots of our drive through central Ontario when we were on our way home from Ottawa. Typical countryside on a 2-lane hiway. A mix of farm and forest. Just imagine this in the winter: with the cleared land and the wind just blowing through. It translates to a lot of snow and white outs. But for now, it's quite idyllic.

See what I mean. Although this could just as easily be in the mid-west if it weren't for the distant rolling hills of Algonquin.

And home. Our backyard garden which is usually weeded by now and planted with tomatoes, has gone by the way side. After years and years of keeping on top of it, I've finally just let it do it's thing. The ferns which I planted a few years ago are doing just great considering the mega amounts of rain we've had all spring. The phlox has returned, I'm happy to say. And I have no idea where the Forget-me-nots came from?

A belated Happy Summer

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