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Monday, June 05, 2017

Makeology "Almost Summer" 2017

Sparrow Avenue, Makeology "Almost Summer"
The Makeology "Almost Summer" was this pat Saturday. It was a glorious day with so much warm sunshine and blue skies. You can certainly see from this picture that it was just the most wonderful day!

Both of my girls came along too although I was only able to get Sonee in a picture. Let me tell you how many compliments I received from people about these girls. "They're so well-behaved!" Of course their years explain that they have had plenty of time to learn! lol
The other wonderful thing was that I had them off leash and nobody minded one bit. So they could be as relaxed as the people around them. That makes a huge difference.
And don't worry that Sonee is on the pavement as she prefers its coolness to the warmth of the blanket that Roxy was on.

Sparrow Avenue at Makeology's "Almost Summer" show.
Here you can see a number of my new images for 2017. You might also notice that this image is a bit backwards. Woops!

Sparrow Avenue at Makeology's "Almost Summer" Show
Let me thank everyone who came out to the show; your support is what helps us to continue to do what we know and love. It means so much to everyone who has chosen this way of life. It is not always easy, there are many ups and downs; but it is our dedication and love of the work that makes us persevere. And without a doubt, it is your support that encourages us every step of the way!

Also, let me thank the organizers and volunteers at Makeology for this successful and lovely show!

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