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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nine Months Ago

The Girls and Me
By chance, not only a rare capture of me but an even rarer image of me with "The Girls". This was taken last autumn when, after too many years, we returned for a day to Algonquin, a place that holds many wonderful memories for me.

I had been taking some photos of some of my work and Art captured me unaware of what he was doing.
The Girls are only on leash because of the restrictions the park has on unleashed dogs. I can understand that but, as you see, they aren't going anywhere. And especially Roxy who I had to carry up the slightest incline. See those tree roots? Not always easy carrying a 27 lb. dog up and down and over all this. But it was worth it to see her happy face.

The Girl Who Hates Her Picture Being Taken

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