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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sewing Weekend

How was your weekend? The last July 2017 weekend? For us it marked (as far as I'm concerned) the beginning of summer as the weather was just glorious!

I managed to hurt my back somehow which made work a little bit difficult (I'm fine now but the picking up of Roxy every time we went to the studio (it's upstairs)or had to leave for walks, was a bit of a strain). But there were some orders and "the show must go on", as they say. 

In the process, I found an interesting angle to take a picture of the little Featherweight I use. Every 10 or so linen tea towels sewn, requires the bobbin to be refilled. so that's what I'm doing here, more-or-less. You can see the Tea Towels in the background.

Here I am sewing in my labels. I made a video of this for Instagram.

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