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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

copyright Barbara Di Lella, drawing sketch of Fred, 2017
Fred is a white Frenchie ( a French Bull Terrier) who has the body of one who works out at the gym on a very regular basis. He's all muscle and power especially in those shoulders! Fred has to be around 8 now and he has extremely strong heart strings wrapped around his owner.
My girls went for a visit just once and it was an experience that didn't require repeating. Fred let out and unearthly scream at the audacity of these two invaders into his territory! We bee-lined into the back yard and never stepped back into the house again. For some strange reason, Fred had no problem with the girls being in his backyard.

Some dogs just instantly dislike others. 

I know Schnauzers have a particular dislike of Sonee. I don't know why. They just do. All of them. We keep away from Schnauzers. 

On the other hand, Roxy has never run into any problem with other breeds.

Well, almost never.

There was one Standard Poodle that wanted to be intimate with her. She let him no in no uncertain terms that he had crossed a line. 

Another time a small female something-or-other attacked her for no apparent reason. I had to get in the middle of them as Roxy wasn't fighting back and she could easily have been hurt. 

Well, so much for dog dynamic.
All I know is that responsible owners
love their dogs
and that's what counts.
a lot of abuse and misfortune
still exists out there
for some dogs.
(For all animals too,
if truth be told)

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