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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just an up-date on the silk screen paper. This is the first experiment that I'd done a few installments earlier, only there are some additions of paper. The whole thing was then laid over a panel board that was covered in acrylic paint and then ironed. The ironing is great because it activates the sericin in the silk which acts like glue. 
I love the turquoise background and oddly enough I heard that turquoise is the colour for 2010. Something about it being cool and relaxing like on a beach and after 2009, I guess, that would be a nice thing to do.

Yesterday I started on another lino cut based one of my drawings of  chickadees. Today it was completed and I took a couple of proofs to see where I needed to fix it.

Well, obviously I need to fix that eye and clean up the background a bit. This is a tiny piece, only 3" x 4". What do you think?    
Now the eye is better but I really don't like the branch that seems to be coming out his neck on the left. I didn't notice it in the drawing but now it has to go.

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