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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Here is my piece for submission to the 15th Annual Shadow Box Silent Auction and Gala at the Textile Museum in Toronto.
To me, though, the frame needs something more. 

So what do you think? I'm open to any direction/suggestion. What do you think??


  1. What a charming little piece; I like the 3D element of the little doors and windows- brilliant. When I blur my eyes it seems the sparrow should be the focal point but I find it lacks weight (not light enough, not dark enough) so other than darkening the image, what about isolating it some more by carrying the bottom stitching around the other 3 sides, even varying it? I thought about painting the interior of the frame the same purpley burgundy colour of the picture, but what I really think it needs is the breathing room of a matt. Hope that's more help than bother.

  2. how about staining it?
    to be honest think it looks fine
    maybe just sand it and clear coat it.