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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As I had mentioned last week, I was preparing for some more dyeing but the rich browns I had been getting a few months back weren't coming. I had ordered more cutch and luckily I still had some from the first order. What a surprise! The jar on the left (in the picture above) is from my most recent order.
The above picture has the jars switched from the first picture. 
That's quite a difference, I'd say. And you'd think it would make a difference for the richness of colour. I decided to combine the two when preparing for the dye bath. But the colour was not much different from the mordanted fabric. 


But not to worry: there's always an  "assist"iron.
 The fabric on the left is cutch without an assist and the right side is the one with the iron assist. 

Much nicer, much happier.

 But the logwood is still pretty exciting especially because of the variation of colour. This piece is the beginnings of a new bag I'm making. 
Hopefully, I'll have something to show of it soon.

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  1. I really like the mottled colouration you're getting in the browns; such a lovely subtle depth to them. How much fun you're going to have working with them.