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Monday, June 27, 2011

There are more piles of things mounting up as more shows come closer to date. This is a new idea I had in conjunction with working with Natural Dye.
 Last week I had posted the results of the logwood dye work that I had done and these are the screen printed pouches that were the end result.
 The turquoise just gives it that extra punch. The whole thing came about when I was buying the black zippers that I normally only use...but out of the corner of my eye there was this brilliant flash of blue and the 180 occurred.
As well, we got to celebrate a dear friend's birthday with Art's best-ever pizza and my chocolate cake.


  1. You're right; the blue zipper adds the punch the mellow logwood dye needed; don't you love serendipity. Great tag for Arounna's birthday; Happy Birthday Arounna!

  2. the blue zipper is a great choice

    I had a wonderful time - I always am a big fan of Art's pizzas
    and of course your yummy cakes
    I love my natural dyeing book!

    thanks for the birthday wishes lorraine!

  3. love the purple pouches
    indigo would also be amazing as a backdrop for that fantastic whale.