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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Old Sketch Books

A couple of years ago I was trying out some lino cuts. I thought it might be a more interesting way of creating a print. The carving is certainly enjoyable but I wasn't very quick at it.
 Playing around with collage has always been a lot of fun. There was a time when for a year I had challenged myself to do a collage a day, just to see if I could break out of my own limitations. I should show some of those some day.
 I've been working away at pillows and bags and thought it was just too boring to show more of that. Perhaps I will bring out more of my "behind-the-scenes" work. There are so many sketch books dating back to when I illustrated children's books and painted...such a long time ago.

Just to let you know, there is a **Summer Sale** that you can get to by going here.


  1. I love the lino cut birds. That must be when you made the sparrow that you have on your etsy site banner. And you should definitely share some of your older work too!

  2. Gorgeous!
    You have such a wealth of past works that would make a great retrospective; maybe that's what you could do for Mitzi's Cafe this month.

  3. these pieces are wonderful
    I do hope you share some more

  4. They really are gorgeous Barbara!!! and you know I'm partial to birds ;) Please show us more sketch books!