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Friday, August 12, 2011

Wallet Prototype

For a few years now I've wanted to come up with a design for a wallet that had little pockets to hold the various cards we all have to carry around with us. Sometimes during the process I got so frustrated and abandoned it altogether. But this was the week I was determined to finally come up with something and make it work. 
This is actually the second design. And like I said about the bags I'd been working on last week, I changed things as I was working. In the last picture you can see that I added 2 hidden pockets( one behind the zippered pocket and one behind the card pockets.) I'm still not sure about the button closure, however, but I definitely don't want to do snaps.
This weekend in Toronto has the Bloorcourt Street Fair and a few people I know will be there. I'm looking forward to taking a bit of time off and checking it out.
Also this weekend is the show of a good friend of mine whose work I just love. 
If you have the time on this gorgeous weekend go take a look.
(wishing a certain someone a happy 28th)


  1. in my opinion I think the button wood snag when you shove it in your back pocket - what about velcro or nothing? a snap would be a good solution, why don't you want to do snaps?

  2. What about a zipper going all around? I wish i could go with you to the fair and visit Arounna.

  3. never thought that it would be shoved in a back pocket, but you're right.

    ditto, Geninne, for coming down to see you.
    the visit was far too short.

    come Monday I'll show what i've come up with instead of buttons, snaps or zippers...