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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"What Was" Wednesday

If I was clever, I'd have an animation of this old sketch book of mine opening up. 
Last week I showed a few pages from it and so I think that  reserving Wednesdays for "what was" would seem like an interesting thing to do. 
 This one came about from a book that Nick Bantock had published a few years ago: Urgent, 2nd Class. A book that encourages unusual juxtapositions. I thought it was kind of fun but it really hasn't shown up in my regular work...not yet
I'll admit that some of my private work has an eerie quality to it. This is actually just one image. "Ever" is written on one side of the card and "after" on the other. It slips inside the small manilla envelope underneath.
With these last two pictures I was trying to work out small textile pieces which I actually have more-or-less finished but then, as so often happens, it was put away. The young girl is my mom when she was 15.


  1. your pages are amazing
    thanks for the peak inside

  2. They really are amazing. I love the cover and the little detail with the card inside the manila envelope. Your drawings are really beautiful Barbara. I also have that Nick Bantock book and another one I really enjoyed reading called Giffin & Sabine. I can see you in your mom...very pretty :)