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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Look around
leaves are brown
And the sky is
A hazy shade of Winter

Coming home from the park the other day with the girls and the sky and light filled the streets with an amazing pink glow. By the time I got my camera this rainbow was all that was left.

These wonderful clay pieces came in the mail while I had been making dinner, setting the girls barking their brains out (if there's anything I can't stand it's senseless barking!)  They are a gift from Laura: so sweet. Thank you. They will be hanging on the Christmas tree.


  1. those are gorgeous
    i should put my glasses on when reading the fine print because i thought you were saying you hated senseless baking not barking

  2. yes, they are gorgeous

    and yes, who needs senseless baking, let alone barking? :D

  3. Senseless baking goes on in our house almost every day. My daughters bake delicious things and I eat them. :)

    Your photo is beautiful with the rainbow and the silhouette of the tree.

    Meeko is terrible about barking when the doorbell rings to the point that I race to the door when I see someone approaching. I've had more than one odd look from a delivery person as I throw open the door just as they are reaching for the doorbell.

  4. Love your rainbow picture, wish I had dogs barking in the house, and the nut ornaments are so cool.

  5. senseless baking is when no one eats it!

    i bake quite a lot: trouble is everything goes in less than a day.
    i'm not exactly complaining, it's just i have this idea that baking should last a little bit longer, don't you think?

    anyway, i should start a baking blog

  6. I follow Laura's blog. These nuts are gorgeous!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. I haven't been checking in as much lately and I can't believe I didn't see this sooner! The pink rainbow is so pretty. I'm glad you like the ornaments too.
    And I might be visiting Montreal in February. I'm so excited!