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Friday, December 09, 2011

Puces Pop

Part of doing shows in other places (I'll be in Montreal this weekend for Puces Pop) is the organization that's required. I usually take over the living room as it has so much more space to spread out. Then it has to be packed really tight.

Usually a hockey bag is borrowed but this time it wasn't available. So off I went to find something and spend more money than I want to just because "cheap is expensive". But, I gotta tell you: there really is a Santa Claus! Because when I went to pay for it, it was half priceSuch a deal!

But the hardest part about doing a show in another town is saying good-bye.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. All the best to you in Montreal. Great photo of the girls.

  2. Your dogs are so cute and they look like they know what you're up to! :)

    Have a great show. Don't think we'll make it downtown this time, but you ever know!

  3. Ohh, the darlings; I feel for them.
    Hope the whole Montreal experience is wonderful for you and Art.