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Friday, January 20, 2012

Something New

It was 10 days ago that I was lamenting about other people's schedules. It's a drag when you haven't all the skills that you need to do  a project. There's a whole post right there about self-sufficiency, I guess. On the other hand, 10 days isn't really all that long (if you only knew at the start, that is)

As of today I have 
a new light/exposure box 
with which to burn my screens.
Very excited!
Thank you so much, Art 

Along with that I have some new images that I am finally and completely satisfied withSome months ago I was working on a number of bird images and everyone was so generous with their kind words but somehow I still wasn't pleased with them. These new images though, are much better. This is one of them:

I can't wait 
to start
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend
full of accomplishments
and happiness.


  1. That was so nice of Art to make those for you. I'm just not sure what they are.

  2. What would we do without our handy dandy husbands! :-) Love this bird image!

  3. yay, it is so wonderful when you have the right tools,
    and even better if/when someone can build them for you
    have much much fun working/playing with it !