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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures

Tuesday is my chosen time to share something new that I've learned. This is an Rolled Hem Foot. I've had this all along but was always afraid to ask. But lately I've been wanting to learn how to make faster, neater and smaller hems, so I spent some time struggling to make sense of it.

Even though I don't intend to make this a tutorial, it's going to come out looking like one anyway.

Step 1.
You need to start it off by pressing a double fold for a couple of inches/centimetres.

Step 2.
Take a couple of stitches with the hem lying flat and leave the needle in the material with the last stitch.

Step 3.
This is the trickiest part. With the needle in the material, lift the presser foot and sort of tug the creased fabric up into and through the forks of the foot. I hope the picture explains it better.

This might show what I mean a bit better.

This picture shows you what comes out the other side.

And here are the results: wrong side and right side.

A Rolled Hem


  1. i had no idea how that was done
    thanks barb

  2. wow I'm impressed ! thanks so much for the explanations, Barb !
    Will show to my mom too !

  3. Yes, wow! I had no idea! Thanks Barb!