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Friday, March 30, 2012

The end of another week. It seems the busier you are the faster the time goes. I really like the look of the new Market Bag. It will be in the shop on Monday. I've also been printing it for larger pillows using some of the other Canadian Animals that I've done.

When I was an illustrator of children's books my colours were always bright. I find it interesting that my palette has shifted so much. I think, though, that that is why I (and so many others) love Geninne's work. And if you haven't already heard, her Alegria line will be in stores soon.

Even though the official beginning
of Spring
was a week ago
for me it will always be
the end of March.
And so goodbye to the
Winter of 2011/12

Have a lovely weekend
For those of you in or around Toronto
I hope you get the chance
to visit the 

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  1. Oh I wish I was there so I could go to the OOAK show! I think your colors fit beautifully with your subjects. And I do adore your children's book illustrations too. Happy Friday :)