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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Things

The days keep flying by uncontrollably. Working from dawn to dusk on what you love to do is the only reason why. If I had to do a job that I had no interest in, I'm sure the days would just drag and there wouldn't necessarily be anything at the end. 

 I know I'm very lucky. I was also lucky to have the parents I did because they didn't insist I choose a different direction. Doing my work has been my choice from the beginning and I've never regretted it. Not even in my impoverished days when all there was to eat was rutabaga. 

I love being at home, working in my small studio. And yes, there are things I would love to do if I had more money but I think the price would be to high.

The seahorse 
is a reminder to me
of the rare and unique life 
I have. 
And this applies 
to all of those who choose 
to follow their dreams

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  1. Sometimes when I'm at work all I can think about is what I have to do at home; the projects that need finishing in order to stock the store. But I also have to remind myself that I have a good job and a creative outlet and that is how it has to be for now. I think you are very lucky.