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Friday, March 09, 2012

Finally, Friday

"Three's a Crowd" by Donna McKenzie
A little while ago I was asked to be part of an on-line auction to "Feed the Bears". This print by Donna McKenzie is one of the many items  included in this fund raiser for the 
It begins tomorrow so if you have time please wander over.

Did you happen to hear about the solar activity that happened a few days ago and was to cause disruptions to telecommunications yesterday?
I usually post science related items on Facebook but I think art is very influenced by it. 

While my youngest is basking in the sun on a beautiful beach (which I hope she'll have plenty of photos of next week for all of us to see), I'll be printing my new little birds and balloon ship on all manner of items. Can hardly wait to show you.

Hope you have
a beautiful


  1. unfortunately it was way too overcast and a full moon last night so we were unable to view the auroras expected after the solar storm.

  2. Thanks for promoting ABR and the rescue fundraiser. That was really sweet. You are a very generous and very talented individual.