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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Thursday Things

detail of photo by Leslie Norgate
As I've had my head over the work table the last few days there isn't a lot to show so instead I've chosen to look outside the box, so to speak. 
 This image is a detail of Art's back studio door. I love the colours and textures yet at the same time we really should fix it.

These images of the back lane were taken in the early morning two weeks ago (when it last snowed) by my friend, Leslie. Needless to say, the snow had all melted by the next day.


  1. Why fix something that is perfectly beautiful with all it's imperfections, the southwest colours, the look of years of being used, the lovely patina of age. I love that photo.

  2. if it's not fixed, it'll rot and die.

    if it's fixed, it has the opportunity to age all over again.

    besides: a stitch in time...right?