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Friday, March 23, 2012

Mixing more textile ink: unless you work mathematically, (which I don't) it's rather difficult to match a colour. I've run out of the above colour, a lovely light brown. But in the process of mixing a new batch it seems that the first one has a hint of green in it (something I hadn't quite noticed before). Trouble is  I'm out of the blue that gave me that hint. Now that's a drag. Anyway out of the three that are progressively lighter, I think I need to still add more white. I suppose it's a bit difficult to see in this image.

By the way, did you catch this?: 

Yesterday was just glorious here. The lilac for sure has to be ahead of itself by 2 weeks at least. And the coton easter is in full leaf!! Not to mention all the bulbs coming up in a mad rush.

I hope your weekend will be a glorious one.


  1. i think our magnolia tree will bloom in april at least a whole month earlier than ever before

  2. What a great mini article about you in the Freedom Clothing link! The first animal I ever really drew were horses too.