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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures


 I don't often talk about situations that crop up leaving me to wonder about the motives of some people.  I try to keep my mouth shut.  I have learned that there are some people who would prefer to hold fast to their agendas (or insecurities) and  to misconstrue what someone  has said  rather than to stand in that person's shoes and make an effort to understand.

 But I have to say it bothers me when people play what I call "grade 3 politics".

 Let me explain:  

when I was a kid in grade school I had no friends for the first number of years. During recess I would stand by the fire escape and watch the others play. One day  I was watching  a group of  them re-enact a t.v. show from the previous night.  They didn't have enough "players" and asked me if I would join in. I told them I wasn't allowed to watch t.v. and so I didn't know what to do. They told me to just stand there.

This was  grade 3 and a huge lesson for me about how to "read" people and who to trust and who to keep at arms length.

I'm aware that this kind of thing goes on all the time. Life seems to be about who's a "player", a "team worker", a "follower"...how to be used and how to use others for one's own gain.

It is a strange dance we are encouraged to learn from a young age.
I never was a very good dancer.

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