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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures


I thought it might be of interest to explain the deviation from the animal and bird drawings:

The inspiration for   the balloon ship originally came from 
Terry Gilliam's film, The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Gilliam's attention to detail has always impressed me and the balloon ship was so intriguing. Unfortunately, there are no images of it to show.

It was during the 1700's when Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier first experimented with hot air balloons. This period became known as the Age of Enlightenment because of all the philosophers and scientists, artists, poets and musicians. Currently I am reading Out of Our Minds by Ken Robinson in which he talks about the history of education and the subsequent marginalization of creativity. And it all ties in although I wouldn't be able to sum it up here which is probably why I'm a visual artist and my Balloon Ship is trying to say it for me.
 Perhaps it's just a reminder to be brave and adventurous in this world because there's no harm in trying.

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