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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fading but not Gone

Honestly, I can't say where the time is going and June is just about faded out.
I came across this the other day. Funny how you stumble across things. 

We had a little visitor although she could only stay long enough for a drink.
 She will probably end up in one of my drawings.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

And a big Happy Birthday, Canada 

But especially,
a great # 17
(accent egue on the "e") 


  1. Thank you for your comment. I hope you have a great Canada Day weekend. For us it is more of the same, pack up and remove cabinets and counters and the dishwasher. Before we know it our new kitchen will be here, it is coming from Winnipeg. Can't wait!

  2. Happy 17th Birthday to ZaviƩ on the 1st. We celebrate together. :) My Emma just turned 17 on June 1st. I didn't realize before that we had daughters the same age.