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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Park

You can see that it's quite early in the morning when the girls and I go out. You wouldn't believe what time it is while you are walking with us. But the colours are quite special and I prefer this light.
The Linseed Oil Factory is just up ahead. This is a building I have been photographing for many years and my friend, Leslie, has been painting it for just as long. 

There is a winding path to travel along. In the winter it can be quite slippery here but the girls don't mind.

 Roxy has her nose to the ground...well it's so close anyway, isn't it. She hasn't been herself the last week or so. Our walks have lengthened from 60 to 90 minutes. Don't think we'll manage that much time in the winter.

 Sonee, on the other hand, quite clearly is always ready for action. I'm sure she has her eyes on some unsuspecting squirrel in the distance.
 On the other side of the fence there are beautiful fields where in early spring I can hear the Song Sparrows, Red Winged Black Birds and Mockingbirds. Too bad it will be stripped away for a parking lot. But I won't talk about that now.

Time to start going home.
But if you look
very closely
there are
interesting and surprising things
to see
all the time.

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  1. Lovely surprise at the end there. My pooch is 12 now and slowed down quite a bit this year, he can muster enough energy to run after a squirrel tho :) That's quite a long walk for so early on in the day!