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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Onwards and...

Age of Enlightenment Pillow
The new pillow design was at the Junction Flea on the weekend and was met with a lot of favour. I'm so glad I kept tweeking it. I've decided to call it "The Age of Enlightenment Pillow"  as that is the time period where the influence came from (as I had mentioned in an earlier post). Besides "Balloon Ship" sounds so lame.

I've sourced a new linen/cotton tea towel fabric that I'm very pleased about. Not only is it easier to print (I had so many mis-prints with the last one), but it is constant. It's also a great colour and in keeping with my other work.


  1. Beautiful new cushion design! I loved the card cushion that Sonia won so much!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Have you made the "nest" into a pillow or bag? I love it!!! Lynn

  3. This new pillow is wonderful and I think it will do so well. Great work!

  4. the nest, so far, is only on a wallet.
    I need to enlarge it for other things like pillows or bags.

    thanks for the kind words

  5. It was fun to see your original drawing turn into the beautiful finished pillow. :)