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Monday, June 04, 2012

Pillow Mosaic

I hope you had a great weekend
and thank you to everyone 
who left comments
about the 
Pillow Give Away 
I had a lot of fun
 reading about which pillows each of you liked. 
It was so much fun
that I think
I will do 
More Give Aways
More Often



  1. the pillow couldn't have gone to a better home than Sonia's.
    Thanks so much for coming to the sale on Saturday. I am glad you got there early because some soon after bought all the three bins of buttons.

  2. yeah, i noticed they had disappeared.
    it was a great yard sale and so nice to see you again (even if it was so distracting)
    it'd be nice if the 3 of us could get together again (even nicer if certain others (g. & s.) could join us!)

  3. Congrats to Sonia, she will be so happy! How great that you went to Margie's yard sale! How I wish I could go there too! Great buttons!Thanks for the comments on my blog!Your e-mail is not connected to your profile so I cannot answer you directly!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. My goodness, I'm sorry I haven't been around your blog for a couple of days & I missed that wonderful news !! Oh my, please do accpet my apologies !! And thank you so much for picking my name ! I'll be emailing you ASAP !
    Merci merci again for everything !! Big hugs xoxo