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Monday, January 21, 2013


Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

While I'm deliberating over the Moose drawing, it was suggested that I start another animal. And seeing as so many have asked me to do a wolf, that's what I am working on.  I'm using Sonee to work out some of the angles. Sonee is one of the original dogs from the Moosonee Pup Rescue and she is from Moosonee (hence her name). I really have no idea if she has some wolf in her. I somehow doubt it. But the musculature and bone structure are similar if not smaller, but then I'm pretty sure the Algonquin wolves are on the small side.

On a completely different note and something I saw over the weekend...
In lieu of all the terrible things that we hear everyday and either try to understand or place somewhere in a dark closet, I would just like to take this small opportunity to draw your attention to something I saw on Yahoo.
 I, too, would like to thank those out there who recognize and speak out without simultaneously condemning.

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  1. Love wolves! Can't waith to see the finished drawing(s).