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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wolf Drawing or The Test of Time

The final stages of the Wolf drawing that I had shown earlier. You might notice some minor changes: that's inevitable.

This image has the tracing paper laid over the previous ink work. I like how it gives depth and tonal value to an otherwise stiff looking image. It really has me thinking about painting again.

Here it is almost complete. Tiny, tiny little things that annoy me.

copyright Barbara Di Lella wolf drawing Feb. 2013
 While I work on other pieces, this will sit with me. If it gets through the test of time (if I still like it after a week or so), I will put it on a screen.

Hope your week has been going well
February can be so endless and grey
but the light is lasting longer
(at least in the northern hemisphere)
and if you look closely
there are little "signs"

1 comment:

  1. Your wolf drawing is looking good!
    Some friends just came back from Victoria and the cherry blossoms are starting to appear.