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Monday, April 22, 2013

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Hope your weekend
was as beautiful
as these 

Today I'm off to Hamilton to deliver work to AGH. I love road trips (not that Hamilton is that far from Toronto) and there are so many Red-Tail Hawks along the way.   

Speaking of hawks, 
I see the Cooper's Hawks 
everyday now 
in the same tree.


  1. Have a nice drive to Hamilton.
    I think spring is here; it is sunny but cold and windy.

  2. Lovely pansies, mine are flowering their little socks off? They look so papery flimsy, but the cold isn't bothering them at all, as you say, they must love it. Lucky you seeing those hawks, I have trouble identifying them, but the red kites have a definite v in the tail and are very exciting to see, especially fairly close, as they are quite big. Hope you had a good trip. :)