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Friday, May 31, 2013


While I was printing some humpback whales, it occurred to me how much whales have come into my work. Years ago when the kids  were young I decided to paint some kitchen chairs with their favourite animals. This is the back of my son's chair. He had a thing for Orcas, also known as Killer Whales.

"Jordan's Days Are Numbers"

Shortly afterwards I wrote and illustrated a book that, again, had some whales in it. The drawings were inspired by my son's drawings of the different animals in the story, including these whales.

Art was also in the act when he had three of his whales cast in bronze and then he patina-ed them himself.

Art Di Lella Bronze Whales

When I began screen printing, the whales showed up again. I unfortunately no longer have an image of the first screen I had done of a number of whales all drawn proportionately to each other along with a little image of an ant. There was text, a quote (by whom I no longer rememberthat lamented how the whales were becoming extinct but that the ant was doing just fine.

Sparrow Avenue Right Whale Natural Dye Shoulder Bag

I printed the Right Whale onto Logwood dyed linen and made a number of bags and pouches. They turned out beautifully.

Sparrow Avenue Right Whale Pillow

There were also quite a few pillows made with the Right Whale. And then the Humpback came along. I was lucky enough to see one in the St Lawrence River one time on our way to Prince Edward Island.

Sparrow Avenue Humpback Whale Pillow
 Hope it's a wonderful
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  1. What a delightful post. I so enjoyed seeing all the different versions, each one brilliant in its own way. True excellence! So proud of you.

  2. I have in my mind a photo of a huge whale and a tiny diver next to it that I had seen as a kid!I love that photo!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Living on the West Coast we have been lucky to see killer whales. There is nothing quite like it. When our girls were little they were fascinated with whales so my husband built a bench for them and I decorated the bench with my version of different whales.