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Monday, June 03, 2013

Out and About

2885 Dundas W.
Did you have a nice 

I was going a bit stir crazy. This spring weather doesn't seem to know what to do with itself: between the rain and the sun every 10 minutes, first it's too hot and muggy, then it's damp and cold.
Art and I don't get to go out much; there's just too much work. But we did sneak out for a bit first to visit a shop one of my neighbours mentioned to me.


Suitcase doesn't have a website so we had no idea of their hours. Unfortunately, they weren't open.

After that disappointment, we decided we had to find something else rather than go back to work. So on we went to discover Articulations, a new art store in the Junction.


Actually, they've been there for just over a year, but like I said, we don't get out much. Certainly if they start carrying some of the items I need, then I will come back to them instead of schlepping downtown.

Because they also have classes, there's a sweet little kitchen area at the back. I have a thing for sinks.

Tomorrow I'll show you
the rest of our


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