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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Haliburton Part 2

Early Saturday morning the girls and I went out for our usual walk except that, of course, it was on a farm instead of an urban park. Unfortunately, when we first went, I didn't have the camera with me but the sky was amazing, cloudy and red. So we went out a second time before breakfast and I took these shots.

 Look closely and you'll see Sonee out in the fields waiting for Roxy to come play.

Roxy wouldn't go so Sonee was left to
roam through strawberry fields
on her own.

Through the trees is
the corn field
Dunloe Farm

Some of the farm's income is derived from selling fire wood.

A warren/colony of chipmunks live
amongst the logs.

Back at the show you can see by the shot
that it is an overcast day, 
but it never rained
and the breeze
was calm.
And lots of people came by.

I have to say, too,
how well behaved the girls were.
So many people commented about them
and how beautiful they are.

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  1. Ah, such wonderful pictures. I do miss Ontario's near north (but I don't miss the bugs). How beautiful your booth looks and how proud you are of your good little girls. I love this last shot of Sonee and the one of Roxie coming toward you.