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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Haliburton Part 3

We left Dunloe Farm after a huge breakfast and lively conversation with fellow artisans 'round the dining table. The girls had a last run around the open field before we drove down #118 towards Haliburton.

I love old barns, great subjects to paint.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day after the rain the night before. By afternoon, though, the winds had picked up and, as happens at some shows, there was a lot of reinforcing the securing of tents. I heard plenty of horror stories about tents ripping from their stakes and taking off like helicopters to land metres/yards away and roll like tumble weed, reminding me of Dorothy: "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore..." Thankfully, no one experienced that this time.

The girls were quite exhausted 
on the last day.
They had such a wonderful time!
Everyone was so happy 
to see them.

 As all good things come to an end, we packed our wares and tent, said our good-byes and headed out.

The light was constantly changing on our way home.
The shot above reminds me of the prairies.
So beautiful.
Thank you, Haliburton.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely shots; makes me kind of homesick.
    Had to laugh at myself, doubting your memory of Dorothy's line, and then hearing it exactly as you wrote it. I've a feeling I'm not in Ontario anymore.