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Friday, July 12, 2013

Last Year's Winter Coat Re-visited

A couple of years ago I found myself referring to "last year's winter coat" a number of times. It is about finding something you didn't know you had and/or about seeing treasure in something that others don't. I have a tendency to do that: see something when others think it's garbage. I wrote about that recently too.

But it doesn't just apply to objects, it can also apply to the way something is understood. You know: like something can be perceived as half full or half empty. It is the way you apply this to your life. Do you enjoy the detour or do you want to have things the way you've planned them?

Anyway the other day I was driving through a neighbourhood that I don't know very well and pulled over to retrieve this old chair from being tossed out. Chairs are hard to find in our house especially when we have company. A bit of cleaning up and some paint and I'm sure it will be lovely. It looks like maple, I think, underneath all that paint and grime.

Enjoy the weekend


  1. What a great find! It's always good to have that extra chair just in case.