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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stone Patterns

Over the summer, as I had mentioned earlier, I moved part of the studio into the basement to escape the humidity that Toronto suffers with at times. It was affecting the screens the girls and me in a not so very good way and I'd either have to wait for the weather to shift, purchase air conditioning or, you guessed it, move into the basement.

It always amazes me how little things are discovered for completely different reasons.

Everyone knows that I like to wake up early. Nobody but the girls is on that page with me and that's o.k. because I love the quiet of the house at that hour. But what I discovered by being in the basement at that hour is that I can sew or print without waking up anyone. And what's so great about that is that it buys me more time; which solves the "time flies" issue.

So I guess the reason why the picture of the stones is that "Nothing is written in stone" 
"Patterns can be broken"


  1. Love your stones metaphor.
    Another aphorism, unstoney, but applicable:
    "Necessity is the mother of invention"

    Glad to hear you're feeling so gratified by your extra hours of sewing and printing time.

  2. I also have my studio in the basement and as long as I don't crank up the music too loud, I can work away without bothering the rest of the house.