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Friday, October 18, 2013

October Rescue

Sonee and Beaver

Before the autumn rains there have been such warm days. I packed up some work and the girls and I went off to the park. Off in the distance someone with two dogs waved to me and I waved back slowly realizing that this was a person I had met a couple of years ago when one of her dogs was just a pup. We had a little chat back then and that's how I learned about the Moosonee Pup Adoption at Fetch. Prior to that Sonee was the only dog I knew of from Moosonee and the Moosonee Pup Rescue. And apparently, she is a bit of a legend without us being aware because, as I understand it, she is the first pup that was adopted from the Moosonee Pup Rescue. You may have guessed by now that her name is derived from Moosonee.
It's been 10.5 years since Sonee became part of our family (11.5 for Roxy).

So we just might make our way over to Fetch tomorrow to see the pups  and Sharon.

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  1. Great story!Our Barca is from a rescue too!AriadnefromGreece!