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Monday, October 21, 2013

Once Upon a Time there was...

Sparrow Avenue Running Wild Tea Towel
Drizzly autumn weather so typical of the beginnings of November. Last week I had mentioned that I would go to the Moosonee Pup Adoption at Fetch and I did. Amongst puppies and potential new owners, Sharon and I reconnected. Over ten years later, I heard a little more about what had happened just before Roxy, my daughter and I met Ollie (Sonee's original name). Sharon remembered us which surprised me as it couldn't have been more than a couple of hours of one particular day in July that we were together and then, I have to say, we were mostly watching how Roxy and Sonee would react with each other.

 Needless to say they were great together. This little picture is that very day and the moment that my daughter and I decided that Sonee would be a nice name.
"Running Wild" was gifted to Sharon and her tribute to Lady Rose.

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