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Friday, November 22, 2013

Bird Watching and Disappearing

From the studio window I can see the neighbour's roof where the sparrows hang out waiting for their turn at the feeder further down. It's not the nicest backdrop but it does allow me to watch them without disturbing them.

The last weekend before the show will find me finishing off last minute stuff. I like to know that everything is ready; I've been told I don't handle stress very well, hmmmm.... Let's put it this way: if I can avoid stress, then all the better. The last few mornings I have been reading "Diary of a Wilderness Dweller" by Chris Czajkowski. This is perfect as it lets me "disappear" from the studio while I'm still here.  To live where she does would be a dream come true.

Have a wonderful
November weekend.


  1. I have enjoyed Chris's books and have met her here at a craft fair selling her cards and books. We have taken one trip to her part of the province and it is well worth the trip.

  2. You are so fortunate!!
    I would love to meet her, let alone have a trip up to her place.