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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Unexpected Visitors

Clicking and scratching at the window while I'm trying to work. Tapping and pecking...not the squirrel that came by earlier, not the rain that knocks against the glass on overcast days, not even the Blue Jay who stopped by the day before but flew away before I could grab the camera. Not-a-one of them, but a flock of sparrows on the sill. In the past I've seen them on the roof below but they rarely come to my window. I suspect Mr. Squirrel must have left some tasty bits behind earlier in the morning.

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  1. How terribly sweet and "coincidental". I put this in quotation marks because I believe when someone is on the right path, these sort of events start to happen all the time. It's as if we are drawing our good fortune towards us.
    This is a great site that explains how to use it: