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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Last Week Part 3

image by G. Ishizuka
One of the significant things I learned this year is that inventory can never be accurately predicted. There are no rules or patterns that determine what will do well one year and not the next. This was confirmed by everyone I spoke with of all generations and backgrounds which was, on some level, reassuring and on another, somewhat disconcerting.

As a result, I was working nights after the show, again in the early mornings and, during the day, my little Featherweight was brought in to finish the work and replace what was missing. Actually, it was great because it made the days go by quickly; not to mention that there were opportunities to talk and kibbitz with neighbours. 
 This show was full of laughter!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful show, congratulations!! I love the picture. Have a wonderful relaxing holiday!!

  2. I, too, love seeing you in your little home away from home doing your thing surrounded by your wonderful work.
    Yup, there are no guarantees. Enjoy your rest this week.