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Friday, January 10, 2014

Can You See Him?

By putting my grandma's table by the west window and deciding to do my drawing there, I have discovered that there's quite a bit of action that happens out back.
Can you see him?

They are not the best picturesshooting through double-glazed windows that are quite old and using a camera that doesn't have a lot of zoom to it wouldn't be the best variables. Still...

Can you see him?


  1. Ooh your hawky friend is back? Is it the same one, always exciting to get a hawk in the garden :) When the sparrowhawk visits me it's often just a swooping swoosh through, but sometimes she stays around and eats up? I have just acquired my new camera with 20x zoom, so when I've fathomed how to switch it on?? I will have some new things to talk about :)

    1. He was just sitting in the apple tree when I looked up from my work and saw him.
      And then along comes a squirrel a few branches over!
      Nothing happened but I sure would have loved to have a camera like your new one.
      Have fun birding...