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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

We Still Walk and We Shall Walk

 Happy 2014

Early morning walks aren't quite as early as they used to be but just as dark. And, no, the blurriness isn't because I may have had a bit too much to drink, so much as the long exposure without a tri-pod.  It has been cold: -12 C. (+10 F.) When the girls and I were younger, we had been known to go out in -20C. (-4 F.)

"...we shall walk
Somehow into summer."
"Beating the Bushes: 
Christmas 1963"

Happy New Year


  1. May you and the girls walk warm from winter's bite, together in comfort, into summer. Happiness and best of health to you and your family, Barbara. xxoo

  2. Gosh that looks cold, but quite nice at the same time. we have had lots of cold winds and rain, pretty miserable, and I'm walking so slow with my old pooch, but my mind keeps remembering the warm sunny days we had this last summer, I teleport myself there, and the walks are not so bad :) Strolling in the warmth :))