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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

Since having straightened out the studio, I have begun the first stages of new images for this coming year: am I on schedule or what? Honestly, it just worked out that way. I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions, I've never had a "plan". Life happens much like a river and it's a good trip regardless of what's gone "under the bridge".

Bee design in progress, copyright Barbara Di Lella 2013

A few weeks back, I met Perry from Cheeky Bee and we got to talking about all kinds of things and that, in turn, inspired some ideas (although I can't say too much right now).

With the close of 2013 I am looking forward to new and exciting ideas to work on. And whereby my work has roots in the past and I am constantly walking the tightrope of nostalgia, there is a certain amount of strength to be gained from having a solid foundation. I was listening to Michael Enright's essay for the last Sunday of the year. You can read it here.

This is the time of year 
that we tend to look back 
at what we have been through. 
An understanding of the past
gives the ability
to move forward.

Farewell 2013
 Happy New Year

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  1. I love bees, so this will be interesting. I've been helping to count them for a university study, even though I know very little about them, I do know they are so important to us all. I've just discovered on our 'Tudor farm' series about beeswax in monasteries and how it burns so bright and clean, fascinating :)