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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Maud Lewis

Maud Lewis image from the Nova Scotia Art Gallery
With all the road trips taken throughout Nova Scotia, and all the houses especially, I was reminded of a number of artists that have lived here. Alex Coville, Mary Pratt, Christopher Pratt and Maud Lewis.

It is referred to as Naive art or Outsider Art which just means that the artist has had no formal training. Yet within that there is an understanding and acknowledgement that the work has merit.

Maud and Everett Lewis, lived in a tiny house/cabin for over thirty years. It had no electricity and therefore no radio, T.V. or fridge. There was no in-door plumbing either. However, the wood stove (seen here) provided enough heat throughout the winter.

Maud Lewis outside her home  image from the Nova Scotia Art Gallery

image from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Years and years ago I had a book on the work of Grandma Moses. It was my first introduction to this kind of work. When my grandma started painting I appreciated and understood that this work came from a different well, a different sensibility.

painting by S.A.E.

image from the Nova Scotia Art Gallery

What's not to love about these 3  cats


  1. Thanks Barbara,
    I love Maud Lewis and I have always wanted to see Nova Scotia. Sorry I haven't written, I've been swamped! Today is one of my few studio days before the art fair. I supervise student teachers who are art ed majors. It runs from Jan-May and I enjoy being in the classroom again but not being responsible for 700 students! I loved the raven pillow too!!

  2. Thank you for all those links. It was great to learn a bit about painters of your country that I didn't know of. AriadnefromGreece!

  3. I love Maud Lewis! There is something about her art that gladdens the heart and makes you feel good. She was a real treasure.

  4. That was a fascinating little insight, the little house with no electricity, it was so bright inside with all the artwork, so sweet I love it! It seems like you've had a good journey.

  5. thank you all
    yes, the trip out east was wonderful. I don't travel nearly as much as I would love to.
    Some people have a way of seeing their world as wonderful despite their hardships. Maud Lewis certainly had what would be described as a hard life. Nevertheless, she chose to see it otherwise, as her art attests.