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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gaspereau Valley Nova Scotia

It was another rainy morning when we tore out of the house to quickly see the Gaspereau Valley.  The Gaspereau Valley is known for its vineyards. But our focus was the sheep.

They were just down this little winding road. And I have to say the wind was blowing sideways and with it, the rain. But it made no difference to me because I rarely have an opportunity to go down a winding road, let alone have the opportunity to see animals so close.


One thing I know about Nova Scotia 
is the wool they have 
and the gorgeous colours that it can be dyed.
 Our next stop was 

Had there been time I'm sure I would have purchased heaps of  wool and patterns and needles and buried myself in new projects.
But we were at the mercy of the clock and it was off again in the wind and rain homeward bound.

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