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Friday, April 25, 2014

Peggy's Cove Part 2

 The afternoon sky was sombre and overcast creating an overly dramatic mood with the breaking of the ocean waves.

There is something about the desolate isolation of these buildings and the relentless sound of the ocean along with the cries of sea gulls that makes you wonder about the life of people who have lived here. Weather is a constant theme in Canadian literature; from the Atlantic coast to the Precambrian Shield to the prairies and over the mountain ranges to the Pacific. Is it any wonder when you see images like these?

Peggy's Point Lighthouse

The person in this photo gives a real sense of the massiveness of these rocks. They look as though they are creatures asleep.

Towards the end of our visit the sun broke through.
It was a climatic end for my first visit
to Nova Scotia.
Many thanks to
Lorraine and Wally.


  1. We were so happy that you enjoyed this fabulous place.
    We do, every time, but sharing it with you made our time more special!