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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Ready or Not

Running Deer copyright Barbara Di Lella 2014
Nothing but cold, dreary rain the last number of days and midges. Total April weather. But there's been some sun of late, but the swarms of midges persist. Clouds of them whereever there's a warm spot in the air. They fly into my face and hair, totally annoying. At least they don't bite (not these ones anyway).

It seems like this year, so far, is two weeks behind itself, like it's not sure if it's ready to come out and play.

Well, I have work to do anyway. Here is a test print of the deer I was drawing. I think she turned out well which translates to some production with her. In the mean time I've distracted myself with working on some new bag designs. A lot of stop and go there, but nothing much to show. hmmm...

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