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Monday, May 05, 2014



The largest feather shown here is 7in., 18cm. in length.

On one of our early morning walks, I found these feathers. Not randomly, but altogether. Are they from the same bird? The colouring seems similar. But maybe it was a skirmish? an attack?
The feathers were scattered about below the tree where the hawks have been hanging out. Whether they are Sharp-shinned or Cooper's Hawk, both "hunt birds by quick chases through dense woodlands." (Smithsonian Field guide to the Birds of North America by Ted Floyd, 2008). 

I've seen them flying low through the trees on front yard properties. By low, I mean, like maybe 6', 2 metres from the ground. I've also seen them just drop down from a branch and then gracefully arch back up to the next tree branch.

For the last number of days, though, I haven't seen them. 

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