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Friday, May 02, 2014

Sepia Walk

Most of the week has been cold and rainy. The sort of cold and dreary rain that makes you feel sluggish and dull and then... without even having noticed it has happened:
everything is in bloom and the sun is back.

Well, not quite yet. April seems to still be hanging around despite the turned page of the calendar.

She wanders off way ahead of us and I whistle to get her attention and bring her back. Don't know what she's thinking, she's just off in her own little world. Half the time I think that she's hoping to find some tidbit to eat before I find out and stop her. I love the blurriness of movement in this photo.

Have a lovely Spring weekend.


  1. gorgeous shots. l love the subtle slant in the line of fencing, and of course, Roxie.

  2. It has been beautiful here today, everything is coming green and the birds are twittering like crazy, lovely little doggy photo, she looks as if to say, what do you want?? I was just sniffing something nice then :)